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“Welcome to My World”

Welcome to the world of international acclaimed photographer, Larry Bennett. I have truly been blessed to have had the opportunity to record history, while traveling and photographing six of the seven continents. I have authored numerous articles on the basics of photography as well as how to tips on photography that can be found on the WWWeb. My photography has been published numerous times and I have humbly received many awards.

My backyard includes the southwestern United States. On any given day you can find me out photographing the vast deserts of southern Utah or one of the many picturesque mountain lakes near my home in western Colorado. I am a native of western Colorado and this is home with my beautiful wife Linda J Bennett. She is a Hospice nurse by day and a wonderful photographer by weekends. She too has been published many times and continues to amaze people with her work.

Together we opened Aspen Photo Art Gallery, in downtown Grand Junction Colorado. The gallery is an expression of our love and passion for photography.

We spent 3 magnificent years living in paradise, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was there that my love and passion for photography flourished! Most of my mornings were devoted to admiring and photographing the enormous humpback whales; while the afternoons and evenings were consumed photographing the sights of old Mexico and it’s beautiful culture.

My belief is that photography is the recording of history. Photography is my love and my passion. Please, enjoy my world, through my lens.

Larry Bennett

“When words become unclear, I will focus on photographs. When my images become inadequate, I will be content with silence.” Ansel Adams

Thanks for visiting our web gallery. Your favorite images are now for sale at fair prices.Don't forget to come by the gallery at the corner of 6th & Main Street, in beautiful downtown Grand Junction ( we are a part of Main Street Bagel )

You will see most of these beautiful images up close and personal.

All photographs and photo art purchased must go through our Aspen Photo Art office. We custom print every image and are very flexible with sizes and special print request. Please feel free to email us with any questions you might have or go to our print section below the photo galleries for a link to our printers website.

Email me at above link (on the header) or direct at

Larry Bennett

I respond to all emails and would love to hear from you. (Click the above email link)


I don't spend a lot of time on this site due to Facebook, it has kinda taken over the web. Like Larry Bennett on Facebook and Instant message me , I always love to hear from friends and fans. Also like and follow Aspen Photo Art on Facebook. But please do not leave any messages here on this page, I never get them. I have the greatest following and fans in the world. If you wish my direct email is It will come direct to my computer, I will always respond, some times it takes me a two or three days but you will always hear back.

Welcome To The World Of Aspen Photo Art

When words become unclear, I will focus with photographs. When my images become inadequate, I will be content with silence. Ansel Adams

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